The Trauma of Being Upside Down – Part 2

My previous post regarding the Trauma of Being Upside Down highlighted the cause of “little red dots” called petechaie that can appear on your face, neck, etc. as shown in the picture to the right.

20140502-054308.jpgPetechiae appear when capillaries bleed, leaking blood into the skin. Prolonged straining (vomiting, coughing, sneezing, getting choked) can cause this bleeding.

The workouts that were released by CrossFit HQ for this year’s regionals revealed lots of upper body strength (HSPU, Handstand walks, Muscle Ups, etc.).  Like many regional athletes, I have been practicing these skills over and over to perfect them before my regionals date.

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Olympic Lifting Class offered at CF ICE

Jacob Green

Jacob Green, our Olympic Lifting Coach will be starting an OLY class on Wednesdays in September!

Starting Sept. 11 at 5:30 PM

In October, classes will move to Saturdays. Time is to be annouced.

Sign up on Mind & Body

The class is limited to 6 people to ensure 1-on-1 instruction at all levels. Sign up soon. Class will fill up quickly.

(Your regular CrossFit membership visits can be used for this class.)

We are very excited to have such an accomplished lifter and trainer join our team of excellent Coaches. Jake has the following education:

Level 1 USAW Sports Performance Coach
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist
BS in Exercise Science


If you would like to see Jake in action, check out this video:

Jacob Green
Jacob Green




USA Weightlifting Seminar Coming Up!

USA Weightlifting Seminars   


Justin Thacker is now teaching seminars for USA Weightlifting. These seminars prepare & qualify participants for the USAW LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION.

The next certification course will be held on August 24 & 25 at CrossFit St. Charles.

Register here!

Justin Thacker from The Lab is an outstanding Olympic Lifting Coach!

Kara Funk
Olympic Lifting Coach
CrossFit St. Louis

Kara Funk – Pan American Silver Medal

I want to congratulate Kara Funk for clinching a silver medal this past Saturday, June 15th at the Pan American competition. She was only 1kilo away from gold!! Way to “Get it, Get it!” So proud of you!!


Kara broke the Pan American record in her weight class in the Clean & Jerk!!! She was able to Clean & Jerk 72 kilos or 158.4 lbs. Watch that lift here:

Kara teaches Olympic Lifting at CrossFit STL. Currently, she is taking a break from teaching classes due to her competitive season. She will likely resume classes in late August. Kara is also a contributor to my blog where she just posted an article on, “Working from the knees”.

Kara is NOT a novice when it comes to athletic competition. Kara is a Crossfitter at heart! Some may not realize, but I had the privilege of being on a CrossFit team with Kara that went to the games in 2010. You may see her from time to time dropping into ICE to do a WOD with me and Karen ~ which keep us humble. 🙂 I have the privilege of having Kara as a training partner, coach, and friend. I encourage you to take advantage of her classes and workshops when she makes them available.

HOA Team Pic
(L-R) Corey Buerck, Kara Funk, Melissa Hurley, David Cornthwaite – HOA 2010
Team pic 2010
Valley Park – 2010 Games Team

Oly – working “at the knees”… Why do we do this?

Why do we work from the knees? Well, if we don’t FEEL the power in the our legs, the weightlessness of the bar, we will never be able to overcome what it takes to have a successful lift off, approaching & passing the knees.   How do we STOP using our arms and back??   See Amy & Lauren’s  work in the attached video’s.

Their goal of class last night is to NOT let the upper body (back, arms, shoulders, etc….) takeover.  They both demonstrate much improvement in keeping the bar close, no bend in arms until after extension, and then receiving the bar.  Quick elbows!!   They have been fighting this class after class to get this right!!!!!  Now, if we picked at these video’s we would see some errors, but lets not forget to celebrate the success we see.   It’s the little steps along the way that lay the groundwork.  Without the groundwork, goals cannot be achieved.  It sometimes takes years to get to your ultimate goal.  Let’s enjoy the work and each other along the way!!

Using  the  “stacked up” weights or boxes (blocks) as training tools helps in “keeping tight”, shoulders pulled back, lats down and in,  and allowing the legs to get the barbell up high enough to pull under.   It’s good practice and time well spent before moving to the floor and dealing with the technical positions:  Start, lift off, below knees, at the knees.

Yours in lifting,

Kara Funk