Written by C.J. Martin
(Originally published February 17, 2013, and updated for the upcoming 2016 season)

Should you be performing each of the Open workouts multiple times during each week of the Open?

Well . . . it depends.

In my perfect world, the answer would be “no.” But I have come to accept that it’s not quite that black and white. CrossFit is an extremely competitive sport, and if I want to give my athletes the best chance at winning, there has to be some flexibility in answering this question.

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Sunday games events 

Tire relay starts at 9 AM. Invictus is in heat 3 which starts at 10AM

The final event include a cut of the top teams. Not sure at this point how many teams will compete. It’s currently scheduled for 1PM. 

Day 1 – Beach & Run

Watching from home?

YouTube – CrossfitHQ Channel

Or go to ESPN APP and login through your cable provider

The Crossfit Invictus blog has more details about the 4-1-1 regarding watching the Crossfit Games

EVENTS for Wednesday are currently scheduled for 11 AM – 3 PM PST.  Please consult the Crossfit Schedule web page for specific heat times @ updates.

Games 2014 - final event


For time of:
75 Worm deadlifts
500-yard swim with rescue sled
50 Worm deadlifts
500-yard swim with rescue sled
25 Worm deadlifts

Teams will begin by performing 75 deadlifts with the Worm. They will then run under the pier to their rescue sleds, and swim the sled around the pier and back to the beach. They will then perform 50 deadlifts with the Worm, swim the sled back around the pier, and finish with another 25 deadlifts with the Worm. The event is complete once the last deadlift rep is complete and the entire team crosses the finish line.

Time cap: 25 minutes

For time:
6 x 1-mile run relay

Team members will run the course one at a time, tagging the next athlete after they finish. The event is complete when the last team member crosses the finish line.



Invictus on local news KUSI

Thanks to Brandon Stone of #KUSI News for doing this story on #TeamInvictus and our return to the #CrossFitGames.