Carbohydrate intake is subject to a lot of misconceptions and myths, one of them being the timing they should be consumed.

Posted By: Charles R Poliquin

Since 1982, from sheer observation and from experience, I have been recommending eating them later in the day.

Not only does it help from a body composition change standpoint, but also for enhancing sleep. This was going against the grain (no pun intended) of bodybuilding gurus who advocated eating carbs in the morning.

Along the years, various diet protocols followed that pattern, a few of the latest to come along being the “Carb Back-loading” protocol (created by John Kiefer and popularized amongst others by Ben Pakulski, who a strong proponent of the meat and nuts breakfast too), and the The Biorhythm Diet, proposed by Borge Fagerli (1). Beside my observation and experience, many studies came out, backing up this protocol of nutrient timing.

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