Fall Nutrition Fabs

We’ve all heard that variety is the spice of life, so this fall, take the opportunity to use these super fabulous fall foods to spice up your nutrition. Get outside your normal recipes and get creative with crisp and sweet pomegranates, vitamin rich pumpkin, sweet-sticky dates, tangy cranberries, ginger and cinnamon.


Bright pink and heart-shaped, this favorite fruit has been prized for its crunchy, juicy seeds. The deep burgundy juice contains antioxidants that are shown to lower blood pressure. The seeds themselves also pack a hefty dose of fiber and vitamin C, so you’ll feel good throughout the holiday season. There are many ways to get your pomegranate on – buy the whole fruit, drink the juice, or, surprisingly enough, there is even a pomegranate powder.


Nothing says fall like pumpkin. This fab food is through the roof from a health perspective. The gourd is high in fiber but low in calories, and thanks to its bright orange color, it’s full of vitamin A, C, and beta-carotene. The carotenoids in pumpkin are also incredible disease fighters. The antioxidant that’s found in brightly colored fruits and veggies has been proven to reduce heart disease and lower the risk of cancer. Carotenoids are best absorbed when eaten with a little fat, yummy. And don’t forget about the seeds which are packed full of magnesium!


Date fruits are harvested in the early fall. While you’re used to seeing them year-round in their dry form, the fresh fruit is softer and more tender while still maintaining its sweetness. Perfect for adding a touch of natural sugar to anything you’re cooking this fall. The fruit is full of skin-beautifying vitamin A, fiber and metabolism-boosting magnesium. Add them into your diet for a quick and clean source of energy during the winter months, and experiment with baking.


High in nutrients, effective for detoxification, cancer fighting cranberries can be very tart to the point of bitterness. They’re often eaten dried and sweetened or mixed into a goopy, sugary sauce. Stay away from these forms as they are packed with added sugar and aren’t exactly the best way to deliver their cancer-fighting polyphenols. Instead, get your hands on some fresh cranberries (or dried, unsweetened cranberries!) and add them into smoothies for a boost of flavor, color, and anti-inflammatory compounds.


Stomach soother, stress reliever, bacteria killer—ginger is a total health fab food. Fresh ginger root isn’t exactly beautiful, but peel back that outer layer and a lovely light yellow interior is revealed. Ginger’s spicy-sweet, potent taste can be overwhelming, but the root contains 6-gingerol, a bioactive substance that has an effect on everything from fighting cancer to helping relieve nausea. Ginger also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and can even ease pain after a tough workout. Try it freshly grated into soups, as a tea, or even as a ginger chew to soothe a stomach ache.


A sprinkle a day could keep the doctor away. This fat burner lowers blood sugar levels up to fifteen percent, which helps the body burn fat more efficiently. Cinnamon is a staple spice in many winter dishes but it’s worth adding a dash of cinnamon to your meals year-round. Cinnamon has impressive anti-inflammatory capabilities and antimicrobial properties to help you stay healthy year around.

Like the leaves on the trees change colors this fall, change up your nutrition and add some of these fall fabs. Add these fabulous super foods to your healthy meals to spice up your life. Search out some new recipes to use these ingredients. Feel good this fall with all your new found deliciousness.


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