Get Clean 2015 – Tip #30

This is the last tip for “Get Clean 2015”.  I hope this year is the best one yet!! 

Karen and Melissa at CF GamesCall a loved one and/or friend

It’s always good to connect or reconnect to friends and loved ones.  Often life gets busy with “stuff” and we miss out on people and life.  Here are some reasons why connecting with friends are wonderful.

1)  Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling. It reminds us of the way things once were, the happiness that we experienced growing up, and all the wonder. If you have no other reason to contact any of your old friends, then do it for the sake of the smile it’ll bring to your face.

2)  Reconnecting with past friends will allow you to see the world in a new light. It will show you how funny and weird life can really be. You were a part of their lives at one point and they a part of yours.  They’ll remind you of the person you once were and will allow you to better judge the person you have become.  Life seems to become more complicated and more difficult with age. Life’s daunting questions weigh heavier upon us year after year. With all that goes on, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves.

3)  Friends are a fundamental part of our lives – there should be a reason for either letting them go or keeping them around.  We shouldn’t simply leave things to chance and allow them to either dwindle or carry on simply because. But that’s what often happens. Friendship breakups don’t have the pizazz that relationship breakups do; they usually fade away as if they were never there to begin with.  This says nothing more about us other than the fact that we are egocentric and lazy creatures. You could have made an effort to stay friends, but you didn’t.  That’s not a very good reason not to keep a good person in your life. Good people are hard to come by.


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