Get Clean 2015 – Tip #27

Time to Reflect

We are 1 month into 2015.  How time flies.  It’s always good to take some time to think about what got you to this point.  Like it or not, our collective choices have brought us to this point in our life.  Since we started off 2015 together with the intention of changing our habits, it’s good to take a pause and evaluate where we are at in that process.  It’s NOT the time to get mad at ourselves but rather evaluate.  Where are at in regards to our goals?  Do we adjust because the goals we set are unrealistic?  It’s most important to realize that true change doesn’t come in 1 month… but day by day, then month by month, and eventually year by year.  So if you are off track in your goals… take a deep breath.  Let’s look at some questions…

  • Have I achieved my plan for this period?
  • Have I progressed in line with my health/life aspirations?
  • Should I adjust my health/life goals?
  • What have I actually gained from making these goals?
  • What type of development has delivered the greatest benefit?
  • What type of development has delivered the least benefit?
  • What should I look to include in my next cycle or period of goal setting?

Many times we are too lofty and impatient in our goal setting for ourselves.  You aren’t a terrible person for missing the mark.  We all get knocked down.  It’s how we get up and start again that counts.


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