Get Clean 2015 – Tip #24 Random Act of Kindness

It is important to take care of yourself.  Taking care of you helps you take care of others. A popular proverb says, ‘there is more happiness in giving then in receiving.’ We must balance out all the acts of kindness we do for ourselves (like eating clean, working out, taking time for ourselves, etc) with acts of kindness towards others. It blesses us two fold to give to others without expectation of return. Have you had the beauty of feeling your heart overwhelmed with joy when you do something or give to someone else who didn’t expect it but need it so much? It is an amazing, overwhelming feeling to make someone else’s day.

Today is perfect for you to focus on doing one random act of kindness for someone. This may mean putting money in someones parking meter, helping carry grocery bags for an older one, sincerely giving a compliment, etc. Your random acts of kindness will help motivate you to continue on your path of healthful living!

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