Get Clean 2015 – Tip #23

Limit your Caffeine

Caffeine is a widely studied stimulant that has been safely consumed for centuries, but large amounts of it can be detrimental to your health. Although it may help you feel more alert temporarily, some people have conditions that caffeine may worsen. Some are more sensitive than others to caffeine’s effects on their central nervous systems and feel better avoiding it or reducing their intake. If you plan on quitting caffeine, you may be helping your heart and bones to stay healthy for longer.

  1. Caffeine may hinder your body’s ability to absorb calcium, and a prolonged intake of large amounts of caffeine may cause osteoporosis later in life.
  2. Reducing your caffeine intake may decrease your risk of hypertension.
  3. Reduction in anxiety levels. A person who takes more than 300 mg of caffeine can have increased anxiety. Although reduction in caffeine helps to bring down anxiety levels, it should be done gradually.
  4. Reduction in sleep disturbance. A person who has caffeine-induced sleep disorder, can sleep better by reducing the amount of caffeine. People, who are addicted to caffeine and tend to consume considerably higher amounts of it. They encounter extreme levels of tiredness from sleep deprivation.

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