Get Clean 2015 – Tip #18

Do you drive the same way to work, have the same workout routine, eat out at the same restaurant or do the same same every weekend? It’s easy for all of us to get into a rut. Stuck in our ways and just doing the same, same because it’s familiar and comfortable. Today as part of your 30 day challenge for “Get Clean in 2015” I’m asking you to reach outside of your comfort zone and do something new and fun! Challenge yourself to find a new hobby, join a cooking class, or a social group, take that sailing lesson.

Trying new things leads to increased confidence and self-esteem. It reduces boredom and loneliness, and it’s a major driver in personal growth. Education may be the most important variable to improve health and prolong longevity, especially as we age. I know I feel most alive when I test the limits of my comfort zone. It’s a challenge leading up to the new activity or adventure, but always beyond worth it. Here are some opportunities to explore:

  • Learn a new skill.
  • Challenge your mind. Learn a new language or take a free online course on a topic that interests you but is completely new.
  • Engage socially. What groups are active in your community? Join in.
  • Start a bucket list. Make a to-do list and start doing the activities on it.
  • Break your routine. Change an aspect of your daily routine — the food you choose, your exercise or how you spend your leisure time. Try something new!
  • Check out this webpage of ideas:

Lifelong learning and social activity are important to mental wellbeing and happiness. What is your something new? What has been your experience with changing your routine or exploring new opportunities? I’d love to hear what you’re doing new and fun, please share.




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