Get Clean 2015 – Tip #4

save money, cook it yourself!


I read an article recently that outlined the expenses of eating out versus cooking for yourself.  Most people eat a little over 4 commercially prepared meals per week, or about 18 per month. These meals cost about $13.00 on average versus about $4.00 when you cook for yourself. (Source: the Simple Dollar).

If you were to simply prepare all meals at home, you’d move 4.2 meals from restaurants to your home. At an average cost of $12.75 per meal, you’d save yourself $8.75 for each of those meals. In other words, the average American would save $36.75 per person per week by moving all of their meals from restaurants to home-prepared meals.

Not to mention, the healthy benefits of being aware of what is actually in your food.  Anyone that has worked in the food industry can tell you that every restaurant places different values of quality, freshness, preparation, and food handling processes.  In addition, when you cook you control the ingredients.  The amount of butter, sugar, salt, Omega 6 fats, etc. contribute to your overall health or determinate.

In fact, there is an increasing amount of information that suggests that families who cook for themselves are just plain healthier!  It doesn’t matter your social economic standing. When food is made with love, it positively impacts your health.



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  1. You are so right – and the quality of food so much more predictable. When money is tight the first thing I do is cut out the restaurant spending….oh and I go to your house for dinner 😉


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