My thoughts after winning the Games…

, I don’t even know where to begin…and I’m not even sure it has fully sunk in that I am a part of the “Fittest Team/Affiliate on Earth.”

Invictus Crossfit Games 2014I know without a doubt I am part of the most AMAZING team and Affiliate on Earth!! The CF Games were a roller coaster of ups and downs, not only in our performances but for me in emotions. When you give your all, you give your everything, you can sometimes have to fight the feeling of emptiness. There were times I felt empty, nothing to give, nothing to feel, but because I am blessed beyond words with such a strong support system the heavy feeling never lasted long. I was uplifted by God who gave me YOU!!!!

It’s true, a team, for me, calls me to give more than I ever would if I was standing alone and every time I felt like I didn’t have any more my teammates were right by my side, calling me on to one more rep, encouraging me to dig just a tad deeper and there to remind me they have my back through it all. Thank you TEAM!!!

Games 2014 - final eventThank you Nuno for keeping the focus throughout the year of training and helping us rise through challenges. Thank you Rasmus for pushing me and at times carrying me. Thank you Bryan for always keeping it light hearted. Thank you Ayo for the constant reminders to “do work” and believing I could always do more. Thank you Heather for the back and forth race, battle to keep up with you. You’ve helped me strive and believe for more. Thank you CJ for bringing us all together, for knowing our strengths and weaknesses, for reaching deep within each of us to find our best. Thank you for the endless hours of programming and direction on and off the floor. Thank you TEAM Invictus.

Games 2014 beachThe team doesn’t stop with us however, the team stretches to the other competitive members who have trained with us throughout the year. The bonds that have helped us keep it fun and helped us never settle. The team stretches to our phenomenal community, “The Sea of Green” who have helped me take the focus off myself and remind me why I compete, “to inspire those I coach.” “The Sea of Green”, you are the reason I fight to keep my head up, you are the chanting in our heads calling us to the finish line. Thank you for your dedication to supporting us all through the year, starting with “Friday Night Lights” of the Open to Regionals all the way through the Games.

Games 2014 sea of greenI am so very blessed to say I have an amazing support system at home and within my family that has sacrificed much to allow me to be my best. Everything takes time and energy and my family and friends have always been by my side supporting me, encouraging me, and praying for me. Thank you for your sacrificing, you help keep me strong mentally and emotionally, you help bring out the best in me.

My body thanks our healing team, Karen and Pops, Tara, Ian and Heidi. Thank you Karen and Pops for keeping our stomachs full and our energy high!! Thank you for allowing our focus to be solely on our job of competing with no other logistical concerns. Thank you Tara, Ian and Heidi for keeping our bodies organized and ready for more activity. It is no doubt a full time job to keep our team healthy and physically ready for the load of training and competion. My PR’s are you’re PR’s, our win is your Win!! Thank you for helping keep us fit.

Games 2014 - deadliftThe Games was quite an extraordinary event. There was constant activity going on the whole week and I’m sure more than we know before and after to make it all happen. Thank you to HQ for such a well run event. Thank you to all the volunteers, judges, sponsors, security, etc. for making our jobs as athletes easy and as non-stressful as possible. It takes more than an army to put on such a great event.

I’m so blessed to be an Invicti !!!!! So overwhelmed by the thoughts, prayers, cheers, and endless support of all within our community. Thank you!!

~Melissa Hurley


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