Karen Wilson Spoof 2014

We love Karen Wilson!  One way we show it is poking fun at her from time to time.  Or in this case, using the material she gives us. Please realize that Karen is usually poking fun at everyone… part of her charm and why we love her.  We think she’s a truly amazing person! (Just don’t tell her we said so… her head is already big enough – also evidence in the video.)

And, if you didn’t catch last year’s poke at Karen, check out that video by clicking here or the picture below.  Melissa did a fantastic job capturing Karen… and all her princess ways.  And you can get another few laughs at Karen’s expense.

Melissa's spoof of Karen


One thought on “Karen Wilson Spoof 2014

  1. That was awesome! Karen is such a champ. I want to call her a genetic outlier, but she’s more than that. Shes a smart, gifted, diligent athlete who works her tail off in the gym. You go Karen!!!!!


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