Team Invictus finishes #1 at So. Cal Regional!!

We won!  We Won!  Wow! What a birthday present!  Invictus dominated the 2014 So. Cal Regional!!  Invictus had podium representation for team, male & female individuals.  If you would like to read CJ’s summation of the Invictus athletes and their performance at this year’s So. Cal Regional, click here.

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I am so honored… to be on this amazing team!  Not only is each one a phenomenal athlete but also each is a sensational person.  I want to say a special thank you to CJ Martin for putting faith in me enough to make me a member of this team and represent Invictus.  It was a wonderful experience.  In addition, I want to thank the “Sea of Green” that filled up that arena to cheer us on.  Invictus CommunityI know it was a long weekend for everyone.  BUT, there’s nothing like hearing that chant, “IN-VIC-TUS” and know that cheer is for you personally.  It helped us all dig deeper and push harder!  You inspire me!

I also want to thank the many Crossfitters, friends, and family around the country that wished me luck, watched, cheered from the live feed, and told me congrats via social media.  It has been overwhelmeing experience that is impossible to digest.

My favorite moment from this weekend was the final event (Event #8) where I was the anchor.  Seeing my teammates cheer me on and hearing the crowd roar as I finished those overhead squats.

Picture taken by Janice Hurley-Trailor
Picture taken by Janice Hurley-Trailor

Below is a clip from the archive of Event 8 that features our team interview.  Full archive click here.



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