Help Kevin Ogar!

Dear CrossFit Community,

Kevin Ogar at Battle for the Cup
Kevin Ogar at Battle for the Cup

A friend and fellow crossfitter was badly injured this past weekend while competing in the OC Throwdown.  My friends from St. Louis may know him since he’s from the St. Louis area and won last year’s Battle for the Cup held at TNT (pictured here).  Although the details are still unclear, Kevin’s sponsors (Barbells for Boobs / Clinch Gear) have posted on their site the following:

“Kevin Ogar has suffered a separated T11/12 and has severed his spinal cord. At this time he has no voluntary movement below his waist. Kevin is uninsured and needs our help.” – Chest2Bar is a sponsor for Kevin.

I have included other links that I’ve come across to help inform our community. I’m asking people to spread the word and contribute to Kevin’s healthcare costs since he is uninsured.  In addition, he will have a recovery process that will take support as well.

From the Barbells for Boobs Facebook page:

“The need is tremendous and our team is working diligently to build a platform that will provide long term support for Kevin and his medical needs. We expect this site to be launched by this evening, in the meantime, the Fundly link is legitimate and will contribute directly to Kevin. Stay tuned for more and prepare your village to rally in support of this brave young man.” – this is the best link for updates and donations. 

CJ from CrossFit Invictus – 

As is far too common in our industry – and among seemingly invincible young, high-level athletes – Kevin is uninsured. His recovery process will take time and resources, and I believe that as a community we must rally together to ensure that money is not an obstacle in helping him receive the highest quality health care. Fundraising efforts are being organized, and Invictus will give it’s full support to those fundraising efforts as soon details are finalized.

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