It’s in your best interest – Eat a variety of foods


Routine is the enemy…especially in your nutrition. Variety is the spice of life and your diet is no exception. Eating a wide food variety of heathy foods (lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and complex carbs) helps protect against diseases by providing your body with the different nutrients (vitamins and minerals) it requires.

Did you know that staying in a comfortable, “same same” diet can be detrimental to your overall health? Eating variety increases the likelihood that you will be exposed to sufficient quantities of all essential nutrients, which vary in amount and combination among different foods. Variety also helps ensure that important dietary components which provide no nutrition, such as fiber, are included in your diet. You and your body win in so many ways!!

By eating only one kind of food, the aspect of boredom will certainly arise. Instead be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new. Check out what is in-season and expand your world. Try a new fruit or vegetable at least once a week. Remember there are many ways to cook the same food differently. You may not enjoy a certain food baked but may love it grilled, stemmed or broiled.

In my opinion I believe the “same same”’ can also lead to overeating. I know my body starts to have crazy cravings if I’ve been eating the same food-recipe all week. I’m also more likely to cave when I have not had variety and temptation crosses my path.

The majority of us do CrossFit because it is “constantly varied”. Why should our diet be any different? We make gains in the gym because we push our bodies physically in a multitude of different movements and loads and we love it. Why should we think our digestion system is any different? I believe the body adapts to the “same same” foods just as it does to the “same same” workout. So mix it up!! Surprise your digestive system and your taste buds with something new.

My Ways

I enjoy getting variety in my diet through color. I like to see how many different colors I can add to my plate. I highly suggest white plates. Your food will look more appealing and “pop” on a white plate.

I love to shop at the farmers market and ask the farmer questions. Last Saturday I learned about this awesome herb that has a very light citrus flavor. I used it in my crockpot chicken. Mmm mmm delicious!

I follow a couple recipe blogs. I’m not always the most creative myself, but I love cooking. Getting ideas from other fellow home cooks pushes me to get out of my routine.

    My favorite food blogs:


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