Row Row Row

Wanna Improve your Row?

Rowing isn’t my most favorite movement, so my goal is to limit my time on the rower by being as efficient as possible.

The rowing stroke is divided into four parts: the recovery, the catch, the drive, and the finish.

Let’s talk about part 1 – THE RECOVERY – Wouldn’t you like to feel like there is some form of recovery when you’re on the rower?!?! The recovery is the part of the stroke in which your body is sliding forward from the “finish” position back to the “catch”. It is indeed “recovery” – you should feel little to no muscular tension in your lats or arms.

From the finish position, allow the natural movement of the handle to draw your hands out and away from your body until they are almost completely straight, relaxed, not locked out. As soon as your HANDS CLEAR YOUR KNEES, let your knees bend and allow the seat to slide forward. Now you can extend your arms out straight. The mass majority tend to do this completely the opposite; knees bend, seat slides and then arms release, or do they ever release?!? Hmmm?!?!. You my friend are working during your RECOVERY and working too hard.

At this point, as you near the “catch” position (the most forward point in the stroke) pivot from the hips and make sure you are leaning your body forward. Lean so that your upper body is in the 1 o’clock position.

Want to continue to work that core even when rowing?? A you enter the “catch” maintain a tight core and keep your feet flat, attempt to not rock into your toes. Your shins should end up vertical, and there should be no space between your thighs and your torso.

I hear you already…..”seriously?!?! I have to think while I row too!!! Isn’t all the other CrossFit stuff hard enough?” Yes and yes… We’re going to make you row it’s inevitable, so wouldn’t you like to make more efficient?






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