HOA Team Tryouts


If you are wanting to be on a team for HOA,

we will be holding tryouts.  Last year, we squeezed through with 1 Rx and 1 Scaled team for each box (CF ICE, CF STL).  We’re hoping to send at least that many this year… if we get registered in time.  So here’s how to proceed… 

1.)  If you want to be on a team
2.) Depending on the amount of interest, tryouts will be held to determine the team and team captains.  Tryouts will be held over the timeframe of August 21-29.
3.)  Team captains will be responsible for registering their team which registration will OPEN and go live at MIDNIGHT on Monday, September 2nd 2013.

For more information on Heart of America 4 please visit their Facebook page or blog.


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