Karen Wilson’s CF Games WOD’s

Melissa & Karen at CF Games

For those of you who missed Karen’s WOD’s at the CF Games or didn’t like the live feed footage, we put together clips from the video we shot.  My personal favorite it the Clean & Jerk (WOD #5) where Karen PR’d by 12 lbs and finished with her best ranking.

It was an absolute privilege to coach this amazing athlete.







Event 1 – “Nancy”

Event 2 – Push-Drag-Pull

Event 3 – Pullgatory

Event 4 – Deadlift/Box Jump

Event 5 – C&J

Event 6 – Final


4 thoughts on “Karen Wilson’s CF Games WOD’s

  1. Just amazing! Inspiring!!! All the dedication and hard work go girl! Congratulations Karen and Melissa! And thank you for sharing!


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