Minor Injury Care

Common CrossFit Injuries:

IMG_0259The two most common minor injuries that I see in my CrossFit Box are Box Jump “Bites” and Rope Burns.  And although these are very minor injuries that heal quickly, I wanted to provide some tips to help them heal quickly and with less of a scar.

  • STOP ANY BLEEDING. Apply firm, gentle pressure with a clean, dry cloth or towel.  Bleeding from these types of wounds is usually easily controlled and stops quickly.
  • ICE.  Often there can be immediate swelling that a bag of ice can reduce the swelling.  Swelling can often hinder the healing process so the more you can reduce the better.  I encourage members to ice immediately then again later that day.  And again 2-3 times each day until the swelling has subsided.
  • ELEVATE.  Elevating while icing or when swelling is present will also help eleviate swelling.  The most important time to elevate is right after the injury and again when swelling occurs.
  • CLEAN THE WOUND WITH MILD SOAP AND WATER. Be sure to gently remove any debris that might be present like bits of wood or pieces of rope.  This part might be painful but it’s probably the most important step to clean it immediately and thoroughly.  We often stock antiseptics (like alcohol swabs, antiseptic sprays, etc.) that also can be used.  The important key is to clean the wound.  This step is MOST often NOT done and can open the door for infection that slows the healing process. Repeat daily.
  • APPLY a THIN layer of antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage.  Repeat daily.
  • CONSIDER STITCHES. If your box “bite” is large and/or deep like the one pictured, you may want to consider stitches.
  • WATCH FOR SIGNS OF INFECTION: redness around the wound, white or yellow *drainage from the wound, when the area is warm to the touch. If these signs occur, see your doctor.
  • SCAR TISSUE. A few days later, you may notice that there is still a large lump around your box “bite”  If so, gently rub ice (like a small frozen cup) over the tissue to break up any scar tissue to promote normal healing.
  • CONSIDER A TETANUS SHOT. You should have one every 10 years anyway.
  • Drainage from the wound is a sign of infection.  White or yellow solid material in the wound is likely fat or tissue regenerating.  Deep wounds heal and fill in from the inside out.

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