Tips for Paleo Kids

When friends or family come over for dinner at our house we are asked how we get our kids to eat foods such as fish, kale, broccoli, and macadamia nuts. So I wrote down some ideas that have worked for our family.
-Lisa Hepfer (Tacoma Strength CrossFit)

Tips for getting kids to eat PALEO:

1. I had to truly believe that eating Paleo had benefits for my children.

2. When my kids come to the table they are really HUNGRY. This is essential. They don’t get to snack in the afternoon, if I give them anything at all it is a carrot or some bell pepper slices. Hungry bellies are not picky!

3. My kids love to eat what they cook. We let our kids help with chopping, mixing, pouring, and taste testing.

4. They also love to eat what they grow in the garden.

5. I hide veggies in other foods, such as shredded zucchini in meatballs.

6. My kids don’t get a second option for meals. What they see is what they get. If my husband and I are eating asparagus and roasted chicken then so are the kids.

7. Juice is only for special occasions such as birthday parties. Juice has just as much sugar as soda pop.

8. I still give my kids desserts. I make sure it is gluten free and doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup.

9. The earlier you start feeding kids Paleo foods the better.


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