Oly – working “at the knees”… Why do we do this?

Why do we work from the knees? Well, if we don’t FEEL the power in the our legs, the weightlessness of the bar, we will never be able to overcome what it takes to have a successful lift off, approaching & passing the knees.   How do we STOP using our arms and back??   See Amy & Lauren’s  work in the attached video’s.

Their goal of class last night is to NOT let the upper body (back, arms, shoulders, etc….) takeover.  They both demonstrate much improvement in keeping the bar close, no bend in arms until after extension, and then receiving the bar.  Quick elbows!!   They have been fighting this class after class to get this right!!!!!  Now, if we picked at these video’s we would see some errors, but lets not forget to celebrate the success we see.   It’s the little steps along the way that lay the groundwork.  Without the groundwork, goals cannot be achieved.  It sometimes takes years to get to your ultimate goal.  Let’s enjoy the work and each other along the way!!

Using  the  “stacked up” weights or boxes (blocks) as training tools helps in “keeping tight”, shoulders pulled back, lats down and in,  and allowing the legs to get the barbell up high enough to pull under.   It’s good practice and time well spent before moving to the floor and dealing with the technical positions:  Start, lift off, below knees, at the knees.

Yours in lifting,

Kara Funk


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