Post-Yummy for you- WOD RE-FUEL

bowlsofberriesFueling our body for success is vital to our health. Feed your body processed crap and you will feel like crap. I’m a firm believer that so many of us don’t even know how crappy we feel because we just don’t know any differently. I didn’t know I had an intolerance to black beans until I stopped eating them and every now and then I decide I don’t care so I eat them and am so painfully reminded of why I have eliminated them from my diet. Diet just meaning food intake. That’s the only diet I follow….eat more food, but good for me quality food!!

If you aren’t the best eater, I urge you to change, but most of all I urge you to make sure your post-workout meal is the most nutrient dense food possible (even if you have a great shake, make it quality and then also eat in an hour or two -more whole real food).

Let’s learn about the top six foods that lower inflammation, and how to weave these ingredients creatively into your post-workout meals and snacks. Foods that posses inflammation-lowering properties can help the body recover by initiating the healing process more quickly after a hard workout.

#1 Mmm mmm mmm Summer time!!! BERRIES
In addition to providing a plethora of antioxidants and vitamins, berries offer a wide range of health-protective benefits, such as faster wound healing and cancer-fighting prowess. One study reveals that cranberries and blueberries counteract oxidative stress, decrease inflammation, and fight disease. EAT UP!!!


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