Celebrate it!!!

The Open brings many challenges, eye openers and fun community time.  As we continue down this competitive time of the CrossFit Season, competitor or not, my challenge to you, fellow CrossFit Family, for the remainder of the Open is to simply stop and smell the roses.  And by roses, I mean all of those awesome PRs that you’ve been achieving, both inside and outside of the gym. A PR is anything you’ve accomplished, its your personal best (thus far)!!!

The reason I am bringing this challenge to your attention is because it’s something I’m very much guilty of never doing and with the challenging Open, both mentally-emotionally and physically, it’s the perfect time to reflect and celebrate YOU. Celebrate that today is a new day, your health, your family and friends, the fact that you got one double under or a light bulb went off on the snatch.
What do I mean, exactly? Well, I can tell you that as soon as I got 7 Muscle ups in a row, I immediately started thinking about hitting 8 and how I was going to get to that new goal.  I didn’t actually stop and say to myself, “Woah girl! Congrats! That’s awesome! 7 muscle ups in a row is a lot! You should be super proud!”
In a way, I blame being the baby of 4 in a very athletic and competitive family, we did sit-up and push-up contests during tv commercial breaks. I formed this bad habit of mine; over time, I adopted this mindset that in order to be the best me that I can be, I need to constantly chase the higher numbers and the faster times.  I call it ‘chasing the PR high’. It’s fine to have goals – as long as you remember to fully appreciate the journey.
Ways to Stop and Smell the PRs
– Share your PRs with your family! You never know who you may inspire! My mom and her husband are in their 60’s and have been doing CrossFit for the past couple years. They attended the CrossFit Games when I first went as a team and were inspired to make a change in their activity level, break away from the everyday global gym, and step up to the challenge of CrossFit. They constantly tell me what an inspiration I am to them and send me awesome pictures of before and after their workout shoots. So fun to see my family loving the sport and staying healthy through it.
– Share your PRs on Social Media. I use to be shy about posting my PRs on my Facebook because I’ve never wanted to boast about myself and be put in the spotlight.  Then my best friend reminded me that the basis of social media is “community” and its a great way to allow people into my life more, which allows me to do what I love…encourage others.   Again, you never know who you will inspire; I have actually learned through Facebook that I have inspired friends from afar to pick up CrossFit. 
– Share your PRs with fellow ICE’ers – and write it on our achievement board! I can tell you that all of the coaches absolutely love hearing about the progress of all of our members.  At least once a day, I’ll stop by the whiteboard and marvel at the amazing PRs that our members achieve on a daily basis, peruse the goal board to see what we need to focus on more and I’m proud to be a part of such a supportive community that desires to get better today than yesterday. 
– Create a Dream Board or start a journal. This is also an awesome way to not only write down your future goals, but to also document the journey to your destination.  I’ve started taking the time to reflect on where I’ve come and where I’m going. Three years ago I couldn’t pull- p my own (smaller) body weight. Two years ago I failed doing Amanda (9-7-5 squat snatch and muscle ups) and now I warm up with muscle ups. One year ago I didn’t know what it would be like to compete as an individual and now I’m a competitor on the heels of some Games competitors. 

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