We perform a lot of our lifts off our 1 rep max and often two problems usually occur, 1. You’ve never found your 1 rep back squat or clean or snatch etc. or  2. You just can’t remember because you’ve either forgotten to write it down or your log book is at home. Number one we know you can’t control and when possible try to work to a 1RM so you have a solid number to base your percentage work off. But number two….well…lets hear from a member what can happen when forgetting your log book and basing your 1RM off your memory can do. 
Can you please get control of me? I have been so so down on myself tonight, so bummed out and complaining to My husband all night-what’s wrong with me, I was 60lbs off my max squat today. He asked what it was, I replied 215- my loving husband said no way. So, I got my little book….215 is my max deadlift, seriously…my max squat???. 163

Can you save me from myself??
        ***Anonymous CrossFit Member

My recommendation is one of two, 1. Buy an awesome CrossFit WOD book, which we have available at the gym or two if you’re an app fan try out “My WOD” it is really cool and has many handy tools. Progress can only happen if you know where you’ve come from and where your going. Start keeping track of your numbers!!!!

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