The "Open" Programming

The “Open” Programming

The “Open” workout 13.1 is coming this week!! Let the fun begin!!
What will this look like for ICE and STL Programming?
The Open workouts will be announced on Wednesday evenings and we will make it part of our programming on Thursdays. If you aren’t signed up for the “Open” online and joining the fun on either Friday night or Saturday afternoons then you should sign-up now, haha, or have fun with it on Thursday during class.
If you’re signed up for the “Open” and want to test out the workout, Thursdays will be your best option. My suggestion to those who are doing the Open and attend class is to break up the workout in intervals. Perform a round or two and rest 1:2 (work:rest). This will allow you to feel the workout and strategize and/or know your weaknesses so you can improve. 

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