CrossFit is not just for Fit People

I enjoy watching the “Biggest Loser”.  Maybe I’m sentimental or just a sap… but I love seeing how people’s lives are changed because they have learned to live a healthier lifestyle.  The most common objection I get from people who are on the fence about “CrossFit” is that they have to “get in shape” to do CrossFit.  Or that it’s too intense.  But the reality is that when people need to make a lifestyle change they often need to be “radical” and “intense” to do what’s necessary to change their life.  There was an article several years ago in the magazine Fast Companyentitled “Change or Die”.  I found it an interesting read because in their research they discovered that when Americans are confronted with the facts of their lifestyle literally killing them, only 1 in 9 people made the necessary adjustments to increase their longevity.  Having this information in my files, it totally impresses me when people tell me how CrossFit has changed their life.  “This individual standing in front of me has literally beaten the odds and become that 11% that fought through to succeed. Yay!!
We often think of how much better we look when it comes to losing weight.  But what moves me is hearing how people can pick up their kids again and go play with them in the park, spend time all morning in the garden, or try new activities without fear of hurting themselves, and the list goes on...  When I was recently watching the “Biggest Loser”, I saw how a police officer was embarrassed to be in uniform because of his weight.  But now after losing enormous weight, he has the confidence to be a leader within the rankings of officers.  
My point is that when starting down the path of trying to lose weight it often may be for vanity reasons.  However, when people start to accomplish that goal of weight loss they are astonished to see how feeling good impacts our self confidence, our ability to function better in daily life, our ability to tackle life with success, and therefore their life is transformed from the inside out. I celebrate when I hear my life is better because I now have life (energy, confidence, mobility, etc) 
So the next time someone tells you that they need to “get fit first before starting CrossFit”, be sure to tell them that they have an 80% chance of failing.  And let’s face it CrossFit takes determination, but you will need all the help you can get to succeed.  Why not stack the deck in your favor?  Putting yourself within a community of people that have the same goals, coaches who are there to help you modify workouts so you achieve those goals at your pace, and be willing to do something different to get different results.

One thought on “CrossFit is not just for Fit People

  1. Hey Mel!You put it out there! The desire for fitness starts for one reason, but CrossFit as a means to gain fitness, ends up giving back so much more to a person than it requires of them. Yes, it gives them fitness and weight loss, but you are right, people regain motivation, self discipline, self confidence and even a little bit of chest thumping pride in achieving.


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