Journey of Before and Afters

I’ve gone through many changes physically in my life with the number on the scale and size written on the tag in my jeans or top. I can’t say much change has happened in the bra department.  I did Judo as a youngster and had to stay within my weight class, I went off to college and gained 30lbs with an injury, I became a runner and dropped 4 sizes… I became a CrossFitter and I gained strength and confidence, along with 20lbs and 2 pant sizes up…booty ‘licious. I think sometimes we see people in their present state and believe that they’ve always been skinny, or strong, or…. you fill in the blank.  The truth is we’ve all gone through changes in life, life is a journey. I’ve trudged the heavy path, I’ve glided along the thinner road, I’ve been there (pictures above are proof).  I’ve fought the battle.
The same goes for my journey in and through CrossFit.  When people meet me for the first time or come to my first class, I hear the whispers, “She makes it look so easy.” In reality I too started with the green band. I too got nauseous driving to my CrossFit class. I fought the good fight, I stayed committed.  The victory isn’t about having it all figured out and perfect. It’s about the journey. It’s about the lessons learned and learning to celebrate the successes along the way.  Today I will get better and tomorrow I will find another movement or skill or heavier weight I need to conquer. Roar!!! and sometimes Cries!! 😥
If you have your own before and after CrossFit pictures, I’d love to see them.  Email me at

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