What a challenge!!! Men I’m speaking to you on this one too!!#5 of 10 Things New Women Weightlifters Need to Know

5. You need to learn patience.

Snatching and Clean & Jerking can be frustrating, painful, scary, rewarding, hard, easy, tiring, and exciting. If you go into weightlifting thinking you are going to be a world champion in 6 months, I hate to burst your bubble… I believe that for anyone, man or woman, weightlifting can be frustrating, particularly when you hit a wall. However, women seem to be more emotional than men, and because of that our emotions pour through our sport. You have to learn to be patient and not get frustrated every time something goes wrong. This is easier said than done, believe me, I know! But really try to go into the gym every day and set little daily goals for yourself. Remember the good things that happen in the gym, and hang in on those on days you are feeling broken. Always remember that setting yourself up with good technique and patience will get you a long way… don’t just stack the weight on and lift it with shitty form. Trust that all the time you spend working your technique, movement, and body awareness, will totally pay off.


Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, crap…three steps back…when do I actually gain ground? The truth is it is a never ending process. Let’s be honest I improve on one aspect and another needs addressing and then I want to be able to do more weight, even once I reach that PR I want someone else’s PR. One day everything feels great and the next day I can’t even hit my 80%. Taking time to be technically sound, takes exactly that, TIME and lends itself to frustration but I try to think about it in two ways; 1. All things worth working for take time and 2. I think of it like weight loss…the slower it comes off the more likely it last. Hence the more patient I am with learning technique now the better off I will be in the long run and in the future it will get easier because I have all the right tools.



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