Baby Got Back – #3 of “10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know”

#3 of “10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know”

My Favorite shirt says,“STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY!!”   Who’s with me?!?!?!

3. Your cute skinny jeans aren’t going to fit anymore. Your body is going to change. You are going to build muscles, develop traps and back muscles. Your legs are going to get big. This doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy and feminine. There is a big misconception that lifting will make girls manly. I don’t agree—many of our top weightlifters in this country are beautiful and sexy! You just have to know that you’re going to have to give up the Kate Moss look and recognize your ass is going to be like JLo’s and your quads are not going to squeeze into skinny jeans anymore. You’re going to start living in your Lulus and want to wear jeans less and less. You see, you’re going to have to move from a size 27 to a size 31, simply so your ass and legs can fit. Then you are going to have 4 extra inches of waist just hanging out all loose and poking out above your butt because your waist will likely still be pre-lifting small. You will have to wear long shirts; otherwise when you sit down everyone will see your butt crack as the jeans ride half way down your ass. This will happen. Just accept it now. But despite your problems with finding jeans, you can still wear high heels and dresses and look hot. You will have a nice ass and quads and a sexy back—flaunt that shit!

How true, how true! I started CrossFit weighing 138 pounds and now…wait for it…I weigh 154 pounds (did I just print that on the web for all to read?!?!). I wore a size 6 pant and now a days it depends on what my workout involved that day, all legs? well forget lose size 10 think more painted on size 10 (I might own an 8 depending on the brand). Yes there are days when I try on pants and want to cry because I know my legs are getting bigger but then I sing the song, Baby Got Back… “little in the middle but she got much back” and life is good again.  Pant and/or short shopping isn’t my favorite, I try not to think really about the size but what feels good and know that I am strong, not manly, not manly at all, but strong. I take my pants to a seamstress to take in the waist so the crack issue isn’t as bad for me. My view of sexy/pretty was due to my brothers choice in girlfriends. They were more like my Cross Country sister who is taller and slim. But I have an Exercise Science Degree and I know, head knowledge wise, that slim doesn’t mean healthy and fit. So I choose to build up my skeletal system, I choose to be strong, and my brother still thinks I’m beautiful ;0) who knew?!?!?

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  1. One of the best things you ever taught me Melissa was to "step away from the scale". That it mattered the most how my clothes were fitting and how my energy level was when I worked out. Great advice.


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