#2 of “10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know

Wow!!! How personally true #2 of “10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know” by A.A.E is to my beginning and current journey of weightlifting and more specifically, Olympic Weight Lifting.

2. Know that you will cry. Weightlifting digs down in to the deepest parts of your soul, and digs up some fierce emotions. You will cry because you made a lift you have been working so hard for; you will cry when you miss a lift. You will cry when your coach yells at you, and you will cry because your BFF training partner just had a break through. You will cry because you want to quit, and you will cry because you don’t. You will cry because you’re afraid. These crying episodes do not make you a cry-baby-titty-mouse; they make you passionate about what you care about: the barbell and being on the platform.

I hear the wisdom now as I begin to write, “Olympic Lifting is a sport in the Olympics because it’s f*$#ing hard!!” Two steps forward, one step back, some days, no progress, some days ten steps back. The never ending journey of Olympic Lifts.  I remember the multitude and I mean multitudes, probably every other session, after my 2 hour lessons of just Olympic Lifting (Snatch for an hour, Clean & Jerk for an hour) sitting in my car, crying and crying, asking myself “why am I doing this?” “I’m not getting better.” It always seemed like a never ending battle with rare external rewards, maybe a 1/2 pound increase every 20 hours of focused training…repetition after repetition…muscle memory…neurologically fried and emotionally exhausted.

Oh, but the awesome joy of working so hard, digging so deep, fighting to push one more time makes the new Personal Record (PR) really, really special because we earned every pound on that bar.  For some lifts will come easier and for others, years of endless repetition, but all great things are worth fighting for. So cry, get frustrated, throw the weight down and yell, but step back up to the bar, try again, show-up another day and re-group for another day of battling the barbell.
2 years ago…         and today….. growth happens, I promise, it just takes time.


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  1. ok, I was waiting for #2….. As I have experienced a bit of this lately!! I have been doing this olympic lifting thing now for 4 1/2 years and believe me when I say this: getting the lifts does not happen over night! I have experienced different trainers, programs and training partners. And have I seen progress?? Yes but oh…there's so much more work to do! Recently I experienced the tears over a real crappy day and then only a few days later I hit a PR, yea more tears. I have found that these emotions are part of this passion I have grown to love, this sport. It stopped becoming a work out a long time ago and became my training towards goals and accomplishments this passion allows me to seek. This whole article was very moving for me because of how much I appreciate the strong women I train with. They aren't just your training partners…they are eyes for you, they are your cheerleader for you and they are your support system as you tackle what ever your goal is each day you walk into that gym. Everytime I stand infront of my bar, the one I have stashed in the closet, I get to have another experience and it maybe 1 pound at a time, but that is progress!!! Tears or no tears!


  2. You can cry too Rich!!! CrossFit is humbling and if you're willing to check your pride at the door then you will make great progress. It's ok to no have it perfect the first time or the second, its the ability to try again and try again and try again till you get it or know that you will fight again another day.


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