The Olympic Lifting Journey

10 Things New Weightlifting Women Should Know   

 The above link is from a great source, Catalyst Athletics. I received this forward from Karen Wilson one of our coaches/trainers at CrossFit ICE.  This article brought back many, many memories of my 2 month strictly Olympic Lifting training; 2 hour sessions, 4 days a week with a specialist, Tracy Fober. What an amazing lady! I’d love to walk through this article with you point by point for the next couple days-weeks and get some stories or feed back from all my fellow posers (at least this is what I feel like sometimes, a poser).  A smart man, Rudy Nielsen, said “Olympic Lifting is f*@#ing hard….that’s why its an Olympic sport!”  Amazing how a simple statement can check me back into reality. Olympic lifting is mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging. It has been a constant 2 steps forward, 1 step back process for me. My famous long, funky socks appeared during this period of my life. I would look down at my sock when I was setting up for a lift or after missing a lift, kicking myself in the butt for screwing up yet AGAIN, and they would stare back at me, silly and bright as can be, reminding me to not take myself so seriously, enjoy the journey of learning and the challenge of growing and improving.  Olympic Lifting builds athletes; powerful, explosive, athletes and I strive constantly to be such an athlete.  Today I am reminded to appreciate the journey, to look back at 2 years ago when I had the worst donkey kick off the ground and I struggled with just the barbell.  Sometimes looking back allows us to appreciate where we’ve come….I’ve come so far….yes I still have so far to go….but I choose to enjoy the journey, the process, the growth, the challenge.  Where have you come from?? Where are you going?? and What are you learning along the sometimes bumpy road??


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